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"Never Ending Road" Movie Filming Locations 地圖的盡頭 電影場景

1 Aug 2017

Never thought Taiwan would amaze me this much!

And never thought I could feel like living in a movie either~




JinGuaShi is such a beautiful place!

Can't wait to watch the whole Movie...


The famous JiuFen Old Street is also here.





Since driving here is so nice...

I strongly recommend you to stay at a Motel.


We chose DingShuai (鼎帥) this time,

because it is very close to the famous YieLiu Queens Head.




Ding Shuai Hot Spring Hotel / Motel



Telephone: +886-2-24988866



No.9, JinMei Street, JinShan District, XinBei City.



Official Website:


Google Maps:




《地圖的盡頭 Never Ending Road》

On Cinemas Soon: Sep 25th, 2017


Follow their official Facebook Page: 



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