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This is KenTing, PingTung, Taiwan

22 May 2017


Yes, of course, BEACH~!!!




ChuHuo (Fire from the ground) is one of my favorite places in KenTing.

But, please DO NOT transpass and make popcorns from the natural gas fire

coming out from the cracks on the ground...






Then my other must visit location

is the Southern Most Point.


I know, it sounds weird...

But, it's still a beautiful sightseeing spot...





Having a walk at the E-Luan-Bi Park
before a nice Ice Cream, makes every friend I bring here more than happy.



But, watch out~!!! Snakes in the house!!!






Ok, time for some real Speed action~




Smokey Joes, is the KenTing version of TGI Fridays...
Nice place to stay after a long day~






Location references:

ChuHuo Natural Fire


Most Southern Point in Taiwan


E-Luan-Bi Lighthouse Park




Smokey Joe's






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