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露營車 / 都鐸王朝 / 花蓮 / Camper / Tudor Dynasty / Hualien





Remember that I said I would be back in Hualien with my kids?

This time, I decided to share the places we went individually,

since every location deserves more time and appreciation.

Let's start with the "Tudor Villa" we stayed at...




You’ve probably already heard of “Stuart Villa” 

Boutique Villas from Hualien,

But I bet you never knew there was such a 

beautiful camper area behind “Tudor Villa”~

打破你以往對露營車空間狹小,活動不方便的印象, 這裡的露營車其實跟五星級飯店沒什麼兩樣: 私人的乾濕分離衛浴,舒適的雙人床, 可變換成大通舖的用餐與會客空間,簡易的流理台, 冰箱,零食,飲料,吹風機,應有盡有... 還有特製的「都鐸王朝」樸克牌, 上面還印製各種花蓮旅遊景點的介紹, 是非常貼心的紀念品~ Staying in the Campers of “Tudor Villa”, is just like staying in a 5-star hotel: Private shower space, big and comfortable double bed, a living and dining space which transforms into another huge bed, refrigerator, snacks and also customized poker card set, with all the places of interests in Harlem on it, making it the perfect souvenir I’ve seen so far... 


因為真的有游泳池,健身房,舒適的大廳空間, 還有寬敞足夠的停車位... When I said “Five Star Hotel”, I wasn't kidding at all! There is actually a swimming pool, a gym, spacious Lobby area and enough parking spaces...

聽說天氣好的時候還可以預約烤肉服務, 可以在這舒適的室外露營空間享受美味的烤肉。 可惜這幾天下雨,只能在外面用餐了... 

I heard that there's also a BBQ service package here, 

but since it's raining these days, we weren't able to enjoy it... 晚餐後回到飯店,準備洗澡放鬆, 才發現原來他們提供的歐舒丹的盥洗用品~ I was ready for a nice shower after dinner, only to find that they offer L'Occitane bath accessories! I bet ladies would love it...


如果再加上一個全景天窗,那就更加完美了! 現在,我只需要一本書,好好享受一下。 A perfect morning comes with a perfect sunlight and it's even better with a rooftop window! All I need now, is nothing more than just a book, and time to spare…

完整版影片介紹即將出爐,敬請期待... There is a vlog about this camper coming up soon… So, Don't forget to stay tuned!

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